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Charlotte Laws, Registered Psychotherapist

MSc, ADTP Grad Cert., HBASc, RP
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"Imagine if we measured success by the amount of safety that people felt in our presence."

Jonathan Lois Dent

About Me

I identify as a white, bigger-bodied, CIS woman who is queer, late diagnosed with AuDHD and has chronic health conditions. I have worked in mental health and addictions since 2011 and have enjoyed working with many populations. I am passionate about closing the system’s gaps and advocating for diversity, acceptance, equity and inclusion.

My Philosophy and Specialties

I specialize in therapy services that prioritize the unique needs of my clients and their intersectional identities. My approach is rooted in creating an anti-oppressive environment that fosters collaboration, empathy, inclusivity, and non-judgment.

I am dedicated to supporting folks who are seeking assistance with various concerns, including mood and addiction issues, gender identity and sexuality, menopause, chronic illness, being Autistic and/or an ADHDer, weight inclusive eating support for folks struggling with binge eating and ARFID along with clients in bigger bodies wanting to divest from diet culture, life transitions, and those struggling with self-esteem.

I take a holistic approach to my work. I believe in the power of the mind-body connection, which is often too separated. I also provide affirming and strengths-based treatment while continuing to unlearn oppressive societal and cultural norms.

*Please note that I am trained in traditional therapy models like CBT, DBT, etc., but I tend to use them in an informed way instead of a one-model therapy-fits-all approach.*

"When we stop making people feel unsafe, oppressed, and ignored, they start finding what they need to be themselves and to have their specific needs met. This is not a trend; it's evolution."

Charlotte Laws, RP

Areas of Interest

LGBT2SQ+ affirming care. Exploration of gender identity and sexuality. Helping you navigate being in a heteronormative, gender-binary world.

Neurodivergent, Autistic/ADHDer affirming care for all, but with particular focus on folks assigned female at birth and diagnosed or self-diagnosed later in life. Helping you navigate being in a neurotypical world.

Supporting people with chronic illnesses such as autoimmune, hypermobility and connective tissue disorders, hormone conditions, menopause, and chronic pain through a holistic and compassionate approach.

Providing a safer space for folks in bigger bodies to process navigating living within diet culture. Helping clients with binge eating issues, sensory feeding differences, and ARFID. Using affirming approaches, along with weight inclusive, health at every size, and neuro-affirming principles.

Ages of Who I See

For gender identity and sexuality specific support I see clients 12+.


For all other support I work with clients 16+.

I acknowledge that 46 treaties and other agreements cover the territory now called Ontario. I am grateful to be able to work and live in these territories. I commit to unlearning colonized ways of thinking and am thankful to the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people for their ongoing teachings.

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